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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I request funding from ASUCM?

There are several ways to get funding from ASUCM. Funding options include a Senate Bill, Small Appropriations Board (SAB) Proposal, ASUCM Budget Line Item and a Senate Action.

  • Senate Bills are drafted jointly with the current ASUCM Senator and an RCO. Get into contact with a Senator, either a SSHA Senator, an SOE Senator, or a Senator-at-Large, and get their help creating a bill. Click this link to view a sample bill. 

  • Reach out to a Senator and work together to draft a Senate bill for your organization.

  • Small Appropriations Board (SAB) Proposal access and submission are found on the ASUCM website. Submit a SAB proposal form using this link to be taken to the proposal form.

  • Seante Actions can only be utilizes if your RCO has a current budget line item. If so, reach out to a current ASUCM Senator to draft a Senate Action.

  • Budget Line-Item request occurs during ASUCM budget call process. The budget call being in January and concludes in March/April.

2. My RCO has a line item, but I do not remember the amount. Where can I find the budget?

The official ASUCM budget for the 2021-2022 school year was approved in Spring 2021. You can find the budget on the official ASUCM website. Click this link to be taken to the ASUCM budget.

3. What does ASUCM do?

ASUCM stands for the Associated Students of the University of California, Merced. ASUCM is an independent body, whose mission is to provide efficient and equal representation for the expression of students' views, clarity of opinions, and interests in recognition of the rights of the students in this university community; to encourage effective student participation by providing services and coordinating activities; to support promote and celebrate the diversity of culture, lifestyles, and believes for the breadth of ideas and perspectives they bring; to advance present and future; and to promote the general education welfare and enhancenment of the academic benefits and opportunities offered for the continued success of the students of the University of California, Merced.

4. Where is the ASUCM Office?

The ASUCM Office is located in Granite Pass 174. We are near the south of campus, facing the lake. As of Fall 2021, the ASUCM Office hours are Mondays-Fridays from 8am-5pm. You can also find our hours on our homepage. Click this link to be taken to the homepage of the official ASUCM website.

5. What services does ASUCM offer?

Our team is made of an administrative assistant, media specialist, two student assistants, and two student interns. Our goal is to provide the students with information and as many resources as we can in order to improve their experience at the university. Some of our services include:

  • Free Scantrons and Green Books
  • Free Pencils
  • Open Space for Students
  • Microwave Access
  • Calculator Rentals
  • Portable Charger Rentals
  • Law Clinic
  • Law Book Rentals
  • Student Social Events

6. What event does ASUCM approve?

ASUCM does not provide approval for events. ASUCM provides funding for approved events. For an event to be approved, a student must contact the OSI office. Click this link to be taken to the official OSI website.

7. What is the maximum amount of fund I can request?

The maximum amount of funds you can request on a Budget Call is $25,000. The maximum amount of funds for a SAB Proposal is $3,000. Senate Bills and Senate Actions do not have maximum or minimum funding limits.

8. When should I submit my funding request?

Submit your funding request as soon as possible. ASUCM works with Office of Student Involvement (OSI) to process purchase requests per the OSI Purchasing Timeline. OSI works with multiple stakeholders on campus that need a proper amount of time to process requests received from the entirety of campus. As such, OSI developed processing timelines. Click this link to be taken to the timeline.

9. How do you find out the remaining balance in my ASUCM account?

To find out the remaining balance on your ASUCM account, navigate to the finance tab found on organization page in Catlife: You can also reach out to Connie McBride by email (

10. How long will the funds stay in my account?

The ASUCM Fiscal Year is from 12:00 AM, July 1st, through 11:59 PM through June 30th, every year. You can find more information about this in the ASUCM Financial Bylaws, Article I. Click this link to be taken to the ASUCM Financial Bylaws.

11. What happens to my funds if I don't use them?

If funds are not completely used by the end of the FIscal Year, the money is returned to ASUCM. Students will have to reapply for fund for the next Fiscal Year.

12. How long does it take to get funds after my Bill is approved?

It takes approximately 2-7 business days to approve a Bill. The process is as follows:

  • Approval from Senate
  • Per Senate vote and discussion, IVP makes any amendments
  • IVP signs and sends Bill to ASUCM President for signature
  • President signs and sends Bill to Advisor and Business Center
  • Business Center reviews information and completes account set-up

13. After my event, do I have to complete a report of how the funds were used?

Yes. You must complete a report of how the funds were used. For more information, navigate to the official ASUCM Financial Bylaws, Article III. Click this link to be taken to the ASUCM Financial Bylaws.

14. What can ASUCM funds be used for?

According to the official ASUCM Financial Bylaws these are spending restrictions:

  • To pay for any costs not related to the mission of the ASUCM
  • To purchase alcoholic beverages
  • The purchase of any items and/or services prohibited by Federal Law, California State Law, and/or university policy
  • For any type of political or religious donations of any kind
  • As cash rewards or prizes
  • By a student organization for investment purposes
  • As contributions to chartable organization in any form or manner
    • A student organization may sponsor a fundraising event for the purpose of raising money for contributions; it must be clearly understood that only net profits may be used for contributions
  • To pay for sweatshop or child labor created clothing or other products
  • To be allocated to any organization that discriminates on any basis
    • Discrimination shall be defind by the University of California Legal Counsel
  • To any organization/operations director that has been found in volation of these Bylaws within the last academic year by the ASUCM Court
    • They may appeal this to the ASUCM court who may appeal this by-law
  • To any organization that many jeopordize ASUCM's non-profit status
  • ASUCM Financial Operations may not maintain funds inependently of ASUCM (e.g. checking or savings accounts in a private banking institution)
    • Any outside donations of funds must be reported to the ASUCM Treasurer within (5) working/business days after recipet of such funds
    • Violation of this shall result in action by the ASUCM Senate, which may include but is not limited to suspension of the budgeted line item and the removal of the individual(s) responsible for the violation from office

15. How long does the whole funding process take?

The Budget Line Process takes anywhere from 30-60 business days. Processing Bills (Senate or SAB) includes drafting, review, bill discussion, vote, and account set-up takes anywhere from 10-30 business days.

16. What if I am denied? Can I request funding again?

If you are denied funding, please use the feedback from ASUCM to revise and draft a new bill.

17. Can I get funds from a SAB Proposal and Senate Bill for the same event?

According to the official ASUCM Financial Bylaws, you are not permitted to use funds from a SAB Proposal and a Senate Bill from the same event. (Source: ASUCM Financial Bylaws)

18. Can new RCOs request funds from ASUCM?

According to the official ASUCM Financial Bylaws (Article VI, Section 10), new RCOs may not request funds from ASUCM. For more information, please naavigate to the official ASUCM Financial Bylaws. Click this link to be taken to the ASUCM Financial Bylaws.



If you have any other questions that are not addressed here, please be sure to contact the ASUCM office via email at or stop by Granite Pass 174 during our office hours to speak with an office staff member.