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Nathalie Yol Resignation Letter

March 2, 2020

February 25, 2020

To the Student Body of the University of California Merced,

It is with great sadness that I am resigning as a Senator for the School of SSHA. My main
goal while being in senate was to prioritize expanding the mental health services we have on
campus. I still believe that we can build upon what we currently have and hopefully have more
psychologists on campus to meet the needs of students and faculty. During my time in senate I
was also involved in other campus organizations that I was passionate about but it got to the
point where I had jeopardized my own happiness and wellbeing. This semester I intend to take
time to help myself and get the help I need.

I apologize for those I have let down because I truly wanted to make a difference on our
campus and make sure that our students mental health was a priority. I have always believed that
we need to ensure we are well not only physically but also mentally. As much as I would have
liked to stay in senate I could not continue to be part of senate if I was not mentally well myself.
To my fellow senators, I ask that you please place your efforts into prioritizing our
student’s mental health. I 100% believe that we as students need to put ourselves first before
anything else because without taking care of ourselves we cannot fully give it our all whether it
be in our classes, organizations, or even towards our friends and family. I truly wish you all the
best of luck.

Nathalie Yol