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Jim Song's Senate Resignation

September 23, 2019

To my fellow constituents, faculty, and fellow Senators,

When I first began my work with ASUCM as an ICC Delegate I felt empowered and uplifted by the sense of community fostered between my peers and most importantly, the common goal my fellow ICC delegates had; To serve our school with integrity and equity.

It is with a heavy and reluctant heart that I cannot say the same goal has been equally considered during this era of ASUCM, and sadly, I have chosen to announce my resignation as an ASUCM Senator At-Large, effective immediately.

While working as a Senator, I’ve encountered many diverse opinions which have aided me in my goal of informing and serving our campus community. However, equal to its positives, ASUCM, much like our campus as a whole, has room for improvement, and most importantly, growth. It pains me to watch ASUCM in its current condition gradually submerge into a state of disarray in its lack of transparency, counterproductive infighting, and most importantly, a complete and utter lack of regard for historically underfunded organizations. After much consideration, I do not believe that I can change ASUCM nor contribute to its betterment. I commend my fellow Senators who continue to work towards a better, brighter future for not only ASUCM, but for all of us. And most importantly, I wish you luck. May you find fulfillment in what you do.

God bless,

Jim Lopez Song