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Angel Fuentes' Senate Resignation

September 23, 2019

To the Student Senate Body and our Beloved Students,

(Let it be known that this correspondence is to be released openly to the public ASAP.) It is with a heavy heart and great reluctance that I, Angel Daniel Fuentes, of sound mind, body and soul, declare my resignation from my acting position as a Senator of ASUCM effective immediately. It was not my wish, nor my goal to discontinue my term at such an early stage, however, it felt as if it was the best decision moving forward. As a transfer student, I have seen and heard how the STEM clubs, which develop innovative projects and ideas, have been heavily discriminated against in the favor of other social clubs and societies that are currently on campus. These STEM clubs have much to offer: career opportunities, certifications, and real work experience that is required to enter the work force in the different fields of STEM and much more. I desired to remedy this discrepancy and had entered the student government with the idea of creating a fair playing field regarding the Schools of SSHA and associated clubs with the Schools of STEM and their associated clubs. However, I soon realized that many did not share the same sentiment.

From my time spent, often wasted, in long, dragged out meetings as well as the experiences I had with the Senate Body, I began to realize that ASUCM has no dedication, nor aspiration to uplift the students equally, nor abide by the set rules of their own government. The consistent lack of integrity the student government displayed whenever a by-law had been breached was embarrassing as in the brief instances the by-laws were upheld, it was to support bills that only supported specific interests. These students are to represent the will of their students, and yet, STEM students of this campus our silent majority of this campus, greater support, and yet, all they represent are themselves, disregarding the bills of many STEM clubs. Instead, they have squandered more than half the budget for the current school year rather funding festivals, carnivals, or events that are supported by social clubs and societies which are very selective and/or closed off to the General Student Body. I went into this organization hoping that such recognized individuals would place their best foot forward and resolve the growing discrepancy between STEM and SSHA, delivering equal funding to both groups, but I digress. For a organization that spouts unity and solidarity, there clearly was more division held in ASUCM, and to that effect, “If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand”

To the STEM Clubs on this campus,

ASUCM is not interested in assisting you with your innovative and rather creative ideas. Our student government is too focused prioritizing how they appear to certain organizations rather than doing what is best for all students. It is a deplorable reality, but reality nonetheless. For years, support for the STEM students has been little to naught, with their bills often placed on the backburner. However, the tunnel is darkest before there is light, and there are many years to come for this University. May I hope that we can obtain more support from our school in the coming years.

Angel Daniel Fuentes