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Hearing Procedure

  Hearing Procedure The ASUCM Court may tailor the format of the hearing to best fit the case in progress. The ASUCM Court will notify both parties prior to each hearing if the format will be different from the one below. The most current available issue of Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used as a guideline for courtroom procedures as stated in the ASUCM Constitution.     If the Petitioner or Respondent be (15) minutes late or fail to show for their hearing without prior notice for an extension from the ASUCM Court, proceedings and decision-making will continue in their absence.    Court will start each case by going over the expectations during the hearing, these expectations include but are not limited to the following: Issues before the ASUCM Court may be tense in nature and lead participants to the desire to respond directly to each other. This is strictly prohibited in the interest of productive and efficient proceedings. All parties involved must address the ASUCM Court and not one another Disruptive behavior in the audience will not be permitted Disruptive attire will not be permitted The Petitioner and Respondent shall be respectful to each other, the ASUCM Court, and all members of the public attending the hearing. Opening Statement  Petitioner (3 minutes)  Respondent (3 minutes) Argument (objections permitted) Petitioner (10 minutes) Respondent (10 minutes) Witnesses (If any are needed. Objections permitted) Petitioner's witness  Questioning by Petitioner (5 minutes) Questioning by Respondent (5 minutes)  Respondent’s witness  Questioning by Respondent (5 minutes) Questioning by Petitioner (5 minutes) Closing statement  Petitioner (3 minutes) Respondent (3 minutes) Questions The ASUCM Court will now ask the Petitioner and Respondent any questions that they have.  Questions may only be answered by the individual that the question was directed at, the Petitioner and Respondent will not be allowed to address each other.