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Committee Appointments

Below are the current Presidential appointees to ASUCM, Campus, and System-Wide Committees

*Students are appointed to Non-ASUCM commitees by the ASUCM President and confirmed by the ASUCM Senate*

Committee Name Email Address
Healthcare Advisory Board

Diane Maravilla

Transportation and Parking Services Advisory Board

Karin Groth

Bobcat Special Events  Adam Miller
Student Fee Referendum  Vacant Vacant
Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

Brian Gresham


Ana Zarate

Early Childhood Education Center Advisory Board

Danielle Waite

Ombuds Advisory Board





Student Advisory Board to the Vice Chancellor of Administration Vacant Vacant
Food Pantry Vernette Doty

Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation

Mukesh Singhal

Undergraduate Council

Susan D. Amussen


Levi Martin

Academic Integrity Taskforce Vacant Vacant

Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion

Deidre Acker

Campus Physical Planning Committee (CPPC) Vacant Vacant
Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women Susan Amussen

CARE Advisory  Yesenia



WSCUC Steering  

Nathan Monroe

Levi Martin

Library and Scholarly communications

Haipeng Li

Levi Martin

Law Clinic Alan Cisneros
Financial Aid and Scholarships Student Advisory 

Heather Nardello

Sexual Assault Sexual Violence (SVSA)  Vacant


Campus Accreditation Review  Vacant Vacant
UC Ship Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Shanni Sillberg
UCOP Healthy Campus Steering Carlton Stroud

Undergraduate Council Lecturer Award for Distinguished Undergrad Teaching



Ombuds Hiring Committee Vacant Vacant