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Associate Justice


A position in Court provides a very enriching and rewarding experience. You’ll be able to develop professional skills, practice legal writing, oversee elections, learn about the governing policies of the University, and serve as a mentor to the student body. This job should not be taken lightly; we work hard and provide an important service to members of ASUCM and the student body.

When you apply, be aware that working as an Associate Justice requires both time and hard work, but isn't paid. For these reasons, we recommend you don't apply if your only reason is to put something on a resume.

A potential Justice should be able to make difficult decisions without a clear answer,  remain both neutral and unbiased to all parties, and be willing to learn the constitution and by-laws. Leadership, organization, dedication, independence, and teamwork are all highly valuable skills in an Associate Justice.

To learn more about the Judicial branch, you can find our by-laws here:

And the ASUCM constitution and all other by-laws here:

As the Judicial branch, one of three branches of ASUCM, responsibilities include:

1). Knowing the ASUCM constitution, by-laws, and UC Office of the President Policies

2). Interpreting and enforcing policy

3). Appointing the elections commissioner and overseeing the election process

4). Hearing cases involving members of ASUCM, student and club conflicts, impeachment proceedings, and cases which establish or elaborate legislation for a more effective ASUCM

5). Acting as leaders on campus, and using knowledge of UC Merced’s governing documents to help uphold the integrity and spirit of ASUCM.

**Application close January 29th at 5pm**