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Salma Memon


Hello Everyone! My name is Salma and I am a 4th year Human Biology Major from the bright and sunny Orange County, California. From never wanting to step foot on this campus to wishing I never have to leave, Merced has definitely become my home away from home. On campus, I’ve been involved in a number of clubs and organizations as well as worked for The Office of Admissions. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about this campus from a variety of perspectives. We may be part of a larger university system but, We, as UC Merced, are unique in our own right making a name as THE 21st Century University Campus- a model for all other institutions to follow. We are moving in the right direction to serve as a model for all other campuses, but we are not perfect. In fact, we are far from perfection. There are challenges we still face as a growing campus; resources our student body needs. This is where the responsibility of both our institutions and students come into play. We are not perfect. We never will be. But, we will strive for perfection. My goal for this year is to lead an organization committed to amplifying the student voice as our campus undergoes its expansion phase ensuring that as we are growing, we are meeting the needs of our students while laying the foundations of what it truly means to be an institution committed to student success. We will create a campus for students by students; it’s time for us to show the world what the Golden Bobcats are truly about.

If you ever want to come in and talk, feel free to stop by my office hours or set up an appointment. I love talking and I especially enjoy science jokes so if you ever think of a good one, definitely stop by the office and tell me. Have a wonderful year and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Student Body President.

Office Hours:

Day Wednesday or by appointment
Time 12:00PM to 1:00PM
Location Inside the ASUCM office (KL 190)