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Budget Call Proposal Form


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Submissions for this form are closed.

Budget Proposals are Due on February 16th by 5:00 pm.

ASUCM Budget Call Information

Please direct all inquiries about the budget process to the ASUCM treasurer at 209-228-7468 or

All ASUCM funds are subject to the rules, regulations and guidelines set forth within the ASUCM Constitution and financial bylaws.


Eligibility and restriction for funding is outlined in the ASUCM financial bylaws Articles IV, V, & VIII.

Each government operation needs to include a report that evaluates the operation’s successes and failures, objective information concerning ASUCM needs and student demand for that government operation, and a proposed budget, which includes justification for all line items.

Each student services and programs need to include a report of the current year’s operations, information regarding student’s needs to the service, and a proposed budget, which includes justification for all line items. Also, student services and programs are governed by Article IX of the finanical bylaws.

Each student organization must include Office of Student Life verification of registration to the university, a recent constitution, and a proposed budget that includes justification for all line items. Each applicant must be a registered organization signatory with the Office of Student Life, i.e. president, treasurer, advisor, etc...

Other may include any other entities eligible to apply for a line item in the ASUCM budget. Such entities may include those as defined in the ASUCM financial bylaws; Article VI: Budget Administration and Article VII: Permanent Budget Line-Items and Requirements.


Budget Call Template

Sample Budget Proposal