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Committed to the Success of Every Student

Virginia Manandeg

Director of Student Activities

My name is Virginia Manandeg, currently a second-year Computer Science and Engineering major and I am vying for the position of Director of Student Activities for the Associated Student of the University of California, Merced. Currently, I serve as the co-external affairs for the Homebound Urban Dance Team, the Vice President of Engineering for the Pilipinx-Americans in Sciences and Engineering (PASE), and a Marketing Co-Chair for the ASUCM Campus Activities Board (CAB). In these experiences, I have learned a great deal of how an effective community functions with the right leadership. With these, I learned that as a leader, one must be able to understand the community they are contending to.

Being a person with leadership experiences since elementary, I have garnered the skillset and the heart of what it means to be a leader. I strongly believe that it is very important that a leader must be able to attend to the community’s needs. For the UC Merced community, to be an effective Director of Student Activities would mean understanding the importance of what bringing the “home away from home” element is. If given the opportunity to be elected in this position, I believe I have the adequate gusto and decorum, as well as the ample experience to serve to the best of my abilities. If I were to be elected, I would find ingenious ways to implement programs that would allow students to enjoy their college life and to make it an experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

The Director of Student Activities serves to aid in the development and the organization in the execution of the ASUCM schoolwide campus events, outreach and cultural arts programs, along with being the head of CAB. My experience in being in the Campus Activities Board for the past year and a half has become essential in developing my knowledge and honing my technical skills in what goes beyond the different activities that students enjoy allowing them to seize the days they have as a UCM Bobcat. In addition to this, outside CAB, I have been able to serve for both outreach and cultural arts programs through teaching dance workshops to communities of different age ranges and creating guest speaker series to help my fellow Bobcats in their respective desired field. Through these outlets in which I have served in, I learned the value of communicating with a variety of people and understanding the idea behind putting people’s needs ahead of one’s own.

If given the opportunity to serve as Director of Student Activities, I can assure that the student body will be in good hands and that I will be bringing “home” as close to my fellow Bobcats’ hearts as possible. With vision, preparation, and action, I can fulfill the position of Director of Student Activities.