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Committed to the Success of Every Student

Giselle Reyes

Director of Academic Affairs

Hello Bobcats! My name is Gisselle Reyes and I am a second-year Public Health major; I am running for the position of Director of Academic Affairs in ASUCM. I feel I best qualify for this position because being a student myself I know that many of us have jobs or are involved with clubs, organizations or sports on campus. Which is a fantastic way to network and getting to know other students and people. However, it’s imperative we focus on students’ performance in academics in order to ensure students keep participating in social activities and events that take place for both the student population and community. I have experience from serving as a delegate in the Inter Club Council (which funds different clubs and orgs on campus) and having worked with other delegates to fund events and conferences that not only send students (from all backgrounds and majors) to represent UCM but also give them a better learning opportunity in the field line of work that they aspire to attain. I also have worked extensively with the previous Director of Academic Affairs and the Internal Vice President. So, I aspire to ensure opportunities, programs, and resources to students, all undergrad students, to assist with your educational journey, I am ready to serve you.  Your education is my utmost priority and y’all have the right to programs, resources, and classes to further your education. I shall advocate for this right. This is why I feel if I am elected into this position my main proposal and project I would like to work on during my term would be a resonant collaboration with the library, That being said, I feel by working with the library and pushing for more open textbook resources to make textbooks more affordable for students. I will work with the incoming Senate on a budget to secure more funds for Open Textbooks as this will ultimately encourage student success in classes and potentially aid students in acquiring their degree in a more expedited fashion. I am excited to serve as a resource for you on campus.