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ASUCM Elections

General Information

Every year ASUCM holds a regular election to choose its Executive and Legislative Officials.  All members of the Association, that is all undergraduate at UC Merced, are eligible to vote. Elections are held in April. Students vote using the CatLife website which guarantees no student involvement or modifications in the election results. Furthermore, students have the right to vote on referendum propositions placed on the ballot by the ASUCM Senate  or a petition of the student body. Lastly, special elections can occur if called upon by the Senate.

This website is available year-round as a resources to voters, candidates, parties, and proposition proponents/opponents. Please note that the website is usually updated during the summer break and during the Spring Semester for the elections cycle. During the voting period, the link to vote will appear on this page as well as on the ASUCM website and social media pages of ASUCM. The elections results and standings will be announced within twenty-four (24) hours after the polls have closed. Elections results and standings will be posted outside of the ASUCM Office and on the ASUCM website, with the exception of the ASUCM President elect and Director of Student Activities, once the elections have been properly certified. The newly elected ASUCM President and Director of Student Activities shall be announced at a school-wide event within one week of results.

For more info, read through this website, read through the Elections Bylaws or contact the Elections Commission.

*ASUCM elections are managed through the court by appointment of an elections commission.

Run For Office

If interested in running for office, the Election Packets are distributed during the Mandatory Candidate Meeting in the Spring Semester of each academic school year. Declare your candidacy by downloading, completing and submitting the attached Candidate Packet.  Email to:




All candidates must be in good academic and judicial standing.  If you are interested in running for a position, please complete and submit the judicial release form along with your Candidate Packet to:


What To Expect On The Ballot

Executive Branch Positions 

Internal Vice President
External Vice President 
Director of Student Advocacy 
Director of Academic Affairs 
Director of Communications 
Director of Student Activities 

Legislative Branch Positions 

Senator at Large (10)
Senator ENG (2)
Senator SSHA (2)
​Senator NS (2)