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Committed to the Success of Every Student

Citlalli Gamino

Senator of the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

I look forward to serving our UC Merced community this year! First I’d like to emphasize that even though I am a SSHA senator I am still more than happy to help you with any other questions you have even if you’re not a SSHA major! I served as Senator At-Large last year and have some experience with ICC as well. As a student who has been involved in governmental positions since I started my education here, I am a sociology major and understand the importance of uprooting every single idea of our students, because that is what makes us a diverse community. Which ultimately makes us more open minded people and without this factor we wouldn’t have so many opportunities on campus, so please if you have any concerns or proposals don’t be afraid to reach out, every idea helps our campus grow stronger. I also attend meetings with SSHA associate deans so if you’d like to personally speak to them also lmk and I’ll be glad to get you in contact with them.