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Daniela Ramirez

Senate Position: 
Senator, School of Natural Sciences (NS)

Hello my name is Daniela Ramirez. I am a third year developmental Biology major with a minor in Natural Science and education. My title is the senator for Natural Sciences. I am working in the committee for Academic Affairs. As a student in the science field I’ve found it helpful to help communicate resources to students on campus. My platform is designated to help enforce any resources that may need assistance.or more emphasis for students to utilize.Most of my interest falls under the academic field, however, I find that regardless of all the work and assignments student wellness is important part of the journey that we all are following here at UC Merced. I would love to hear out any academic issues and wellness options to improve our campus for as our campus continues to grow through the 2020 and the the future generations to come. 

Office Hours:

Day Friday
Time 3:00PM to 4:00PM
Location Lantern