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Kathleen Flora Cha

Senate Position: 
Senator At Large
Club and Department Affiliations: 

Awaiting submission from elected official.


Hello! My name is Kathleen Cha and I am serving as Senator at Large for ASUCM. Currently I am a 2nd year student who is majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Human Biology. I am so excited for this school year because it seems very promising. I am interested in areas such as implementing more academic majors, retention program for the success of students, financial loans/students spending, and promoting a safe campus by advocating for students rights and focusing on student welfare. I believe ASUCM should be more prominent on campus because this is a student focused organization purely for students. If you guys have any questions or concerns please email me at

Office Hours: Monday 1:30-4:20pm, Thursday 3:00-5:20pm, Friday 11:30am-whenever in the ASUCM Office